Enabling Sustainability Performance of Real Estate Portfolios

Blue Auditor is the only digital platform that brings together all major green building certification standards in one single platform. We provide efficient processes for real estate managers, sustainability consultants, auditors and rating system providers. Green Building Certification has never been that efficient.

Focus and automation with the virtual blue auditor

Project participants receive project-specific tasks tailored to each profession. This results in focus and increases project efficiency

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Get better results and increase your team's efficiency

Self-Service Pre-Assessment

In only a few minutes, Blue Auditor's Self-Service Tool delivers a comprehensive green building pre-assessment of your project.

Online Market Place

As a project developer, we give you access to expert consultants focusing on green building services to achieve and improve your certification​ objectives.

Project Specific Optimization

Blue Auditor supports innovation and optimizes your project. Especially processes, user comfort, project economics and ecological aspects.

Life-Cycle Analysis as Integrated Part of Certification

Blue Auditor offers an integrated module for life-cycle analysis including impact analysis. Assess project variations, reduce project risks and increase your sustainability impact.

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Reporting

Want to know the impact of specific optimizations on life-cycle cost? Blue Auditor provides the answer immediately!

Building Manual and As-Built Documentation

With completion of your certification project you get access to a full digital and project-specific building manual. Be ready for due-diligences and better facility management!